DEAR ______.

Every week I promised myself to do a DEAR _____ featuring someone in my life who has impacted it. Today my first Dear ____, goes out to you, Cookie. My older sister, and one of my best friends.   Dear Cook-  Hi Sis! Youre wondering why Im writing this- but this is something that I…


There was a time when I thought that i would never be able to see passed the humble hometown I grew up in… but things changed when I joined Delta Airlines. I was able to finally travel to the East of the US! (Atlanta, GA) I was invited for their annual Velvet 360 gala, and…


Remember when I told you that we went to the Space Needle? Well, I was looking at our ticket- and I totally spaced out that we took more photos on top of the Needle! Even though the view was amazing- Her face my favorite thing to look at.


The people in this photo are just another piece of my heart! Got to love Aiga!.

space needle

It was a Friday night- and we had no idea what we were going to do, so Lemara took me for a walk at the Seattle center. Next thing we know- we are at the Space Needle! It was quite the adventure indeed. Great thing about it, was that it was my Seattleites first time…


The stories usually told from the voice gets translated through your movement. I was able to watch a beautiful production for a retirement, while in Tacoma, WA. They were a small and humble group, but their spirit was on fire. That is what I love about the small things- they turn into great masterpieces when…


This is the excerpt for your very first post.