June, already? This year is going by so fast, I swear it was just New Years, yesterday. It was a sunny Seattle Saturday (the perfect setting for any Pacific North West day, dontcha think?) and my baby cousins were graduating! So, hats off to you boys for your achievements! What a proud moment indeed. A time where one life achievement ends, and another opens up. Keep climbing, cousins! Its only the beginning! After the ceremony, came the dinner for the family. It was a small setting yet delivered BIG amounts of yummy food, live music, and plenty of drinks. The atmosphere was cool and collected, and it was a setting that anyone would absolutely love.


The one thing that I remembered is how great a team my family was. Plates were set- and my family was ready to be the host for the Twins and their guests. It was like watching bees. I know that may sound a little strange- but think about it. Bees are one of the most organized organisms on this planet. They have a system in play and they keep things in order. and when you try to mess with them, they mob up and sting a mofo, lol! But all jokes aside- it was so organized, and the team work from my family amazed me to the core.


Ribs, Potato Salad, Fruits, Chicken, Chopsuey, were just some of the items that were in the buffet style setting for the boys’ dinner. Who needs any restaurant when you have this? and not to mention, Mama tees famous tatertot casserole. Right when I seen it, I told Mara to jump on that, because she will love it. She did- and now we will be trying to make it this Sunday 🙂

All in all- if I had to rate the food, it would be an 11/10. Too good- and I was happy I got to enjoy it with my family. Now to the fun part- dancing and laughing. You know that any Samoan function is bound to have a siva and with that, comes laughs upon laughs. A little mikes, and were all set 😉 reminiscing, laughing, dancing, getting to know more about my family, and hey… even some tears and it was a setting to a great night. beside the small bump with SOS and CRIPS (yeah, that really did happen lol, and yes I was involved lol) it was a perfect night. I had my girl, my family, and Seattle. What else did I need ❤


That was a good day. I needed that day. I needed the laughs, the tears, and the memories. I needed it- and my family provided. My girlfriend provided. It was a good day. ❤



Inna Ginger.

So- without any hesitation- here are some of the photos from Saturday. A day I was happy about through and through. Got to love family! Click on the photo to enlarge. Enjoy! PS- don’t forget to look at the video at the bottom! Just some highlights from the night! I apologize about the first part of the video- my video setting was set wrong- so my camera kept trying to focus, which led to that horrible noise.





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