Dear _____

Every week I try write a Dear ___ to someone who is important in my life. My letter today, is for my friends daughter, Velissa.

Dear V,

A little birdy told me yesterday that you were hurting, and she didn’t know how to help you. Baby girl, I’m assuming that this has to be because of a first heartbreak, right? Oh, that feeling I know all too well. The ache and pain that youre feeling must be so horrible.. every day mashes into one, and even though you try to be happy- it still hurts. Trust me baby girl, Ive been through the same pain youre going through. I want to write this letter to you to tell you how special you are. I remember the very first time that I met you; you were beaming! Smiles across your face, honest eyes, and a good heart. I knew right there that you were very special. Getting to know you, I seen what a good person you are, especially to your Mom. Always by her side, always helping her, and always helping her see the better side of things, when she was going through a very rough time.


So let me tell you about my first heart break, okay? I wasn’t dating this person, but it was a deep connection, which I cherished. Before texting, and tweeting, and whatever you kids do now a days, we wrote letters. My best friend and her sisters would pass the letters back and forth from me to this individual, and every day I learned more about this person. I was 14 I believe, and I thought I was head over heels! Re-reading every letter I received through the window (yes, we were neighbors, and yes, we received letters through the window ahah) I even received his school ID, his baby photos, you name it- I felt like that person was the person of my dreams…Then one day, no more letters came. No more pictures, and no more daydreaming about this person— because I had found out that this person was talking to someone else. Do you know how I felt? CRUSHED. I felt like my world toppled all sorts of ways, and I “couldn’t go on”… I felt so sad- because I lost my friend. I lost someone who I spent so much time getting to know- and now they were gone. Funny how that works, huh? But the one thing I learned about myself that year, was something magical. Something that I always keep within me whenever I experience a heartbreak. I tell myself this one little fact.


those three little words always echo in my ear anytime anything happens. Inna is enough. I AM ENOUGH. Though other people may not see it that way- I had to tell myself that. Because at the end of the day, if Inna couldn’t love Inna, then how could anyone else love Inna? Same with you babygirl- YOU ARE ENOUGH. No matter what comes your way, who comes in your life, know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You were made a King- and He doesn’t make peasants. You are Royalty- and any person should be honored to be in your Queendom.


Now I don’t ever want to sugar coat anything- So Ill give you the reality, Yes, you are so enough.. but some may come in your life wanting something that you cannot provide- some may your life, trying to break down the fortress of said Queendom- But remember… Remember your worth. You are amazingly beautiful inside and out, and such a wonderful soul.. remember your worth. Remember who Velissa is. Remember that you will always be a daughter from on high and no one can take that crown from you. No matter how hard they try šŸ˜‰


One day- I promise, you will find that person who will give you the greatest joy! I promise you that.. But you have to be patient. You know the first time I got heartbroken? I vowed I would never love anyone again.. but that is a fools song. If anything- it made me realize the joy I had when I found Lemara šŸ™‚ You see, that’s the thing with heartbreak, sadness, anything opposite from happiness- once you do find someone who makes you incredibly happy, youll know the difference, and youll cherish it more. Baby Girl- I know that you are hurting right now, and I know that it seems so tough to get up.. but I encourage you. GET UP! You are enough. If no one can see that.. that is their loss. That is their blessing gone. You get up now, smile, and know that tomorrow is another day to learn about what Velissa wants, what Velissa needs.. Who velissa is! I love you. I miss you! Now put your crown back on, and conquer your Queendom ā¤





PS- heres some photos of your beautiful self to remind you that you truly are beautiful!


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