Have you heard of them? You know when you go to a restaurant, and they have this item called a crepe? Yeah- next time… get them. I promise you that you will not regret it. Let me introduce you to a Crepe… well, a different version of one.


ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the unicone. This yummy treat is actually a crepe rolled up into a cone, but filled with so many good things (maybe not good for my health, but hey… c’est la vie! What started in Japan as a fast way to get your sweet tooth under control, has spread world wide as a great snack while shopping in the mall. The great thing about this bad boy is you don’t have to sit down like in other restaurants- you can walk and eat at the same time, which makes me pretend that I’m losing the weight I’m gaining by eating a billion of these bad boys. 😉 But heres to dreaming.


My girlfriend and I had to stop by to try this. Now imagine this: crepes, Nutella, whipped cream, and bananas, rolled up into one amazing crepe cone. Are you salivating? Are you tasting the goodness? Are you jealous? (Actually, just writing this is making me jealous of my past self) Its such an inexpensive, yet delightful piece of flavortown heaven, that I think Ill help myself on Friday to another one.


So if youre ever in Seattle, and need a quick dessert fix, while shopping up a storm (Or window shopping…hey, it has shopping in the word!) then pick up the unicone. A cross of icecream in a cone to dessert in a bowl, all in one.


And be sure that if you are getting one- to get Lemara and me one! I swear Ill pay you in hugs. Besides the crepes though- it was a great night with my partner. Crepes, Girlfriend, and mall time- you couldn’t beat that combination if you tried.


So go out there- explore new things, and who knows- it might become one of the best things you’ve eaten.


So crepe it up my little uni-cones, and remember to share it with the one you love!



Ps- heres a video of the awesome workers making our unicones!



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