Hymn for the weekend.

Before you do anything- I suggest pressing play.

There are those few moments in life when you just thank Heavenly Father extra for the blessing he has reigned on you. This is that moment. Working for Delta definitely has its perks, and one thing I’m always doing now, is being on the move. My aunty always knows that on the weekends , she wont see me, because I will be back in Seattle, but last weekend was a little different. Prior to that week, I had a conversation with Maems,

“Babe, I cant come this weekend, Ill be working on Sunday!”

“Ill come to you”

Have you ever seen that quote about traveling? I bet you have, but heres a little reminder 😉

I have always wanted to travel the world with someone I love, and what a blessing it is to do that, but before I could dip my toes in the “world pool of travel” I needed to do one thing- and that was travel to Utah. Why, Utah you may ask? Well- isn’t it obvious? Maems has to meet the family! (or some of them <3) So without further adieu, welcome to the 1st chapter of our travel book: When Maems met The Pamplins.

Chapter one: Keep Climbing

I could already tell in her voice when I was on the phone with her, how excited she was. “I never been to Utah before! I thought it was Utah we drove through, but it was actually Idaho” I later concluded, “Babe- Idaho and Utah are basically the same thing lol” . Okay, okay, not really but a girls gotta paint some kind of photo ha ha. Anyways- I traveled to Seattle after work- now let me paint that picture for you haha (youll probably think Im crazy, but hey, who isnt 😉 )

Work: 1:00-845pm

Off: 8:45 pm

Flight to Seattle: 10:02pm

Arrive in Seattle: 11:20 pm

Flight to Utah: 5:41 am

You see it now? Did I paint that picture better? Are you saying Im crazy now? If so- youre right. But I was so excited to take her back with me, that any time was a good time. Maems and I were able to get a whopping one hour of sleep- yes, one… uno… tasi… hour of sleep before getting up to the airport. When arriving- we were greeted by some of my coworkers at sea-tac, and made it to our gate safely. I was standing in line- and the biggest smile came to my face- and that was the realization that I was standing in line, by the person who I truly adore, is not waving goodbye, but saying hello to a plane, who will take us to a destination, just because. smiles everywhere. I could tell how excited she was still. Just looking at her and the way her smile was lighting the airport made my smile even bigger, and I prayed and thanked Heavenly Father I was able to travel with her.

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Arriving at out gate was a breeze- which surprised me, because if anyone has ever been to Sea tac, already know its going to be a long wait to get through security- though it was a small wait- it was not like the flights I take before where Im waiting almost 45 minutes just to get through the line. everything was easy sailing, which built up the excitement of the whole trip. It set the tone.


The flight was amazing too (duh- its a Delta flight 😉 ) and it felt so good when you look to see that you get the whole row to yourself. It was certainly a treat. What was the topping on this sugary treat was the fact that i looked over my shoulder, and someone I love was sitting next to me. As she gazed out the window- I imagined all the places we would visit, all the untouched magic of this world that our feet has never felt, all the adventures we will be having- but this.. this adventure, was one of the most important, and I was happy to see her there with me. You know as an Airline worker, you some times forget that even though we get to travel everywhere for free, someone in that plane is a first time flyer, someone in that plane saved up all of their savings to go on the flight that were on, someone is looking out the window that you look out all the time, and sees so much magic, with tears in their eyes, and realizing, that the world really is a beautiful place. I remind myself every time I fly- what a blessing.

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Chapter Two: Welcome to Utah

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Deltas pleasure to welcome you to Salt Lake City.”

I hear those words every other day when coming back to Utah- but todays announcement was different. Todays announcement of the official statement that Maems finally, after five months, was going to Utah Not only for a little adventure- but to meet some important people in my life. I looked over at her, and her eyes were still the same- so excited. and That made me even more excited! Upon leaving the airport- I had remembered that her Aunty worked there. She was a red coat (supervisor) for Delta, and she worked where we were! Mara was nervous to go say hi, but hey! its family, so why not!

It was worth it. 🙂


Thats the thing I love about being a Polynesian- you literally have family everywhere lol. And as you can see by the photo- Seattle has come to Utah 😉 both were proud of their city and who they rep, which is awesome because my car has a Seahawks sticker- so we were on a Seattle takeover lol. Anyways- you know the spiel about checking in, so I wont bore you with the details, but I will however let you see our excitement with coming to “Boo”tah.

Do we look touristy now? haha. It was fun taking those photos. fast forward-

Hotel? Check.

Car? Check.

Sustenance? *growwwwl*

Chapter Three: Food, glorious food

I am a firm believer that if you put food in front of any group- the atmosphere gets better. With that being said, welcome to Tucanos. I have been talking to Mara about my favorite restaurant for the longest time, and I was so happy that I was finally able to have her go there. Im going to stop talking now, and just show you the beauty of such a place *growwwl ah, dangit, now Im hungry!

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Chapter Four: Christus

Christus is the name given to the 11-foot Marble LDS statue of Jesus Christ originally crafted in 1821. The Danish Sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen made the statue depicting Christ after resurrection with a profound connotation that Jesus Christ was and still is the son of God and the redeemer of the world. Most of the literature expounding on the Christus Statue ascribe the theme of the magnificent piece of art as to declare the godly nature of Christ.

I remember as telling me how she seen the Christus statue on facebook once, and wanted to see it one day. So what would any good girlfriend do? Let her see it 😉 This was one of my favoriite parts of the day, because we were both in a holy place, surrounded by the most amazing sculpture of Him. It amazes me every time I see it. As I sat there, watching her there in front of Him, all I could do was to pray and thank Heavenly Father for her. We have been through such a journey already- and I sat there, emotional, at how beautiful she looked. How humbled I was to see her next to Him. It also made me remember a simple truth- no matter how big or small our troubles may be, through Him, we can get through anything.


Its a simple truth, but a bold statement nonetheless. It was a beautiful moment of remembrance and of peace for the both of us during this visit, and it humbled me and brightened my spirit to do it with Mara.

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Chapter Five: Meet the Pamplins

Do you have that favorite aunty? Now close your eyes (but make sure to come back to my blog! 😉 ) and imagine her- who is she? Is she that aunty who helps you no matter what? The one who you can talk to about anything, and everything? Who you can clown around with, but also be serious with? Who loves you no matter what ? who will defend you when the wolves are on a rampage? Who is just an all around great person? Do you see her? Well, that is like my Aunty Ave in a nutshell. And Mara was going to meet her. Remember the eyes of excitement that I seen? Well now, it was a different gaze. It had excitement and a pinch of nerves too. But thats a good thing. In any situation, nerves are a good thing- it means the moment that you are in, means something. And that was definitely a good thing to me. Aunty Ave was the first person from my Te’o side that Mara got to meet- and I was so honored that she met her, my baby cousins, and my niece.A bonus to all of this, is that my baby  cousin CJ was there, and I finally got to meet him! So not only was she meeting my family, but I was meeting mine too haha. It was a nice little twist to our little adventure. Aunty Ave and I decided it was bowling night- and boy was that fun! Bowling and games and fun- that wer of the night.

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Chapter Six: Fat Cats





What more can you ask for, right? It is the perfect cherry to any sweet day. The thing about me is, any event… is better with the people I love. My family got to meet my partner, and my partner got to meet my family. That in and of itself is the best thing to think about. You find those moments and you cherish them. I was so happy at y Aunty Ave thoughh-


I know that being around them, with Her, was thought to be impossible- but there I was, standing next to Mara, with my aunty and uncle by my side- playing a game of bowling- and having fun. We all had fun, and that is what matters

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Final chaptrer: Its a Plane, Its a bird

To conclude with this blog- Let me say this, no matter what, no matter where, have an he one that will last forever and will stick your heart. It truly was a great day- and a great opportunity to travel with the one that I love. How amazing it is too see the world with the one that you love. How amaing indeed. So go out there- make an adventure! Even if its in your own backyard. Our end of our little adventure was going back to Seattle, we had breakfast at our Hotel


and then headed back to Seattle. I think I found my ng thoug while flying with Mara. Its looking at her, look out the window, and imagining what she is thinking. What thoughts are in that beautiful mind of hers. Only God and her know, but I hope that it is something that is amazing and that she will cherish.

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Conclusion: Sleepless in Seattle

Who says adventure has to end when you come back home? It doesnt- by any means! Let the adventure continue! Mara and I then went to get ice cream and donute (ikr, random combo) and take a sunday walk to the Lockes. We even got a mapleon donut. Let me repeat- we bought a maple.bacon.donut.

Seeing that I dont like Bacon that much though (with the exception of Jalepeno poppers!) I just got it to get it lol. But it was tasty 😀

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Anyway- Mara has this thing with me- She doesnt want any where we go to be a repeat, so she likes to take me to new places that shes never taken anyone before. This time, it was the Lockes. Now the lockes is quite a magical place- if you let it be. First and foremost, it is a botanical garden, and you get to walk in that garden before you get to the main focus of this area- the lockes. We came at the wrong season, but when it is the right season, on, you see thousands upon thousands of salmon rushing up the waters of the midwest trying to migrate. There are also massive boats that go through the lockes- and they fill the resevoir up in this huge vessel- and then from there, they let the boat through- when the boats pass, they drop the water into the waterfront- its a pretty neat experience, and I really recommend it.

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I am deciding to know when the season is, and I told Mara- when that season hits- be sure we bring our buckets and our spears, because we are definitely going fishing ahaha. What- cant a girl eat some fresh salmon, or what? lol 😉 a girl can dream. I dont want my next blog to be from prison, for disrupting nature lol. Mara and I also have a thing for sunsets- We love to watch them. The cool thing is the sun rose while we were in Utah, and now we were seeing the sunset on the beach, on a pier, in Seattle. Amazing how adventures are, done you think? Reminds you that you are a small piece of this vast Earth that still has all this wonder and excitement. While on the pier, I wanted to make our mark, so what else to do but carve your name on a piece of wood at the beach. Everytime I think of Golden Shores, I will always think of her. The magical soul named Lemara- My favorite traveler. My best friend.


It was a beautiful conclusion to an amazing little adventure. I can only imagine now what we will be doing for the next trip! Only time can tell! I am truly humbled and blessed by our Heavenly Father with the opportunity to travel, to live in such an amazingly beautiful world, that stilll surprises me.

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And remember:

“You dont need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination”

So go out there, make an adventure, and cherish it ❤ and might I add, spend it with the one that you Love.


Love always,

ps- heres a video our trip 😉


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