Happy Birthday, U U

A birthday, no matter what age, should be monumental; it should be a time to remember- a time to reflect on the prior years that you were blessed to be on Gods green earth, contemplating on what has changed through the stages of this journey we call life. No matter what age, every birthday should have a memory… a story. No matter what that story is- it will always be your story, on your day. Oprah Wifrey said something once that inspired me to make this #throwbackthursday blog post. She said:

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”

On that note- rewind to a day where the wind decided to play with our patience, bbq smells were beaming in the atmosphere, and oldies but goodies were playing on the speakers. One by one, family members would come. Hugs were exchanged, How are yous were due, and kisses were on every cheek. I want to say that my Mom was in the clouds about this whole party we were throwing for her birthday, but if this was my birthday, I would have been asking everyone and anyone why on my birthday, they were there! But thats the great thing with my Mom- she was too caught up in the euphoria due to her siblings arriving- that I doubt she knew the real reason why.

Mom left that morning- to get treated for her birthday; now queue the dozens of family members, cleaning, cooking, decorating, helping with making this surprise birthday party. Team work really does make the dream work- and I know that because of our team work, the outcome was utterly amazing.


My Mom came back home; I wish you could see the reaction that she had on her face. That expression was priceless- all the hard work that my family helped with were beautifully executed, and everywhere Mom looked, just brought her more and more in tears. Thats the part in life that I think Oprah was referring to. That moment where any moment, any memory should be celebrated… and thats what I seen in my mom that night. Pure happiness.


The great thing about any memorable moment is- you remember the finer points of that day. The surprise led to the smiles, which led to the tears of joy, which led to the dining, which led to the *wining (though I dont think it was wine my family was enjoying lol) and the dancing! It was a night to remember for sure.

So without further adieu, welcome to my Moms surprise birthday party! Know that I love you, and I thank you Momsicle for all your love and kindness! You are my diamond in the rough and you are loved!



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