When I was a child, I went to the San Diego Zoo for a school field trip. I never knew that so many living things, so many of Gods creations existed on this earth. So many living, breathing creations existed on this planet boggled my mind, and still do. On any rate, I felt like it was this magical kingdom, and I never wanted to leave. That was the last time I went to the zoo, until now. We were able to go to the Seattle Zoo this past weekend, and the same feeling came back. A magical kingdom filled with all of Gods creatures. I seriously was walking down some of these areas asking myself, “How in the world did Noah do it!?”, laughing to myself, imagining the structure and the integrity of that arc, with all of its wonders.  One thing I wish I could have seen here was an elephant. Elephants are my favorite animal. Growing up, I use to love the lion, or the tiger because I am a leo, but then I realized.. .Im more like an elephant, that any other animal.

  • Im big (and thats okay!)
  • I have big feet, a big nose, big ears and a big heart 
  • I am timid at times, but fierce when I need to be
  • I am a family person. Elephants are too! 
  • Sometimes I just want to enjoy being by myself 

I use to be scared to say that I liked elephants, because I thought people would call me one.. but now? I dont care if you call me one, because I actually love them, and I relate to them. They are my favorite animal, for a reason! Anyway- I also thought of the movie zootopia. If you have not watched it, watch it now. Its amazing, and it really teaches everyone that no matter what, you are amazing! so go.. go now and watch it, love it, and learn from it ❤ It was a good day.

And to leave it with something sweet, a word from my girl, Judy Hops.

Love, Inna G.


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