“Its a surprise”

The thing about any adventure is that there should be no planning involved.

1. an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
Though you should steer away from the hazardous bit of this definition, any adventure should be unusualexcitingand all around a memory maker, dont ya think? I dont know if you know Washington or not, but it is such a beautiful state, filled with adventure. The day was hot and Mara and I were planning on going to the Puyallup fare, but Mara thought, “Hey, Lets do something else!”.. I asked what and she said the magical words… “Its a Surprise”  Im telling you! So many planned moments fall through, but the ones are on a whim, now those are the amazing ones, the adventures you never forget, because not only are you deciding that second what to do- but you both enjoy the moment, the feel, the adventure all around you! So welcome to my day trip- my adveture for the day!
     We ended up taking Maras dog, Bella (Ill post a blog about that little cutie later) and jumped in the car and drove. She still wouldnt tell me, but Im happy when I found out— it was Deception Pass! Now, I dont know if youve ever heard of Deception pass, but I highly recommend it. It is just a bridge (I know I know, youre thinking, oh… a bridge, but it is the bridge to go to in Washington, TRUST ME). I looked out into the forests, with its crisp air flowing in my hair, and my eyes gazed to the left to see the most amazing bridge structure. We took a walk, ate some food (L&L anyone? 😉 ) and she surprised me again with a beach trip. It was beautiful. It was the kind of day where you thank God for beaches and bridges and trees, and walks, and food, and all the little bits that made that day amazing. I needed that day- I needed that day full of surprises. We ended the day on a ferry ride, which was funny because we just missed the ferry (some guy zoomed after us and got it) so we had to wait an hour, but it was amazing and worth it. I do a lot of new things with my girlfriend. She is my adventure of a lifetime. She takes me to places that she may have seen so many times, but still awes at the beauty and wonder of it all. I love her for that. I love our adventures, and Im so excited for many more. You know what makes any adventure the best one youve had? The person who is by your side experiencing it with you. Live life. Stay happy. and Love hard!
Today was a Good day.
Inna Ginger


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