DEAR ______.

Every week I promised myself to do a DEAR _____ featuring someone in my life who has impacted it. Today my first Dear ____, goes out to you, Cookie. My older sister, and one of my best friends.


Dear Cook- 

Hi Sis! Youre wondering why Im writing this- but this is something that I knew I had to start off right. You have always been there for me- from the times I needed someone to vent with, to the times I needed someone to laugh with! Youve been there. I remember one time it was my birthday- no one remembered… and then here you and Maggie come, with a blue cake in hand, singing me happy birthday. I know it may not mean a lot to others, but to me it did- and I knew right there that my sisters will always have my back. You have been through so much- so much that I cannot imagine, and yet you are always the first one to try and make someone laugh, always the first one to try to make it better, always the first one to try to make your younger siblings look at the better side of things. I think that is why God made you our older sister- because you put us in check and you keep us pushing. I cant imagine the things you have been through- and I just wanted to say, Keep climbing. You got this sis! You are worth more that anything to Gods eyes and to us! You got this! Dont for one second think that material things defines who a person is… because you are the richest woman I know. Cook- I love you. I am so thankful that God made you my sister. Thank you for all you do, and what you will do (because lets face it— older siblings always need to tame the beasts aka the younger ones lol!) I am proud to call you my sister, and always will be.

Baby Inna.

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